Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier

Paris Photographer

What happens before, during and after the photoshoot


How much does it cost?

Please contact me with a small description of your photo session and I will send you the tarifs.

Do you require any deposit for booking? 

Yes, once we agree on the date and time, you'll need to submit a 50€ non-refundable deposit.

You can do it through PayPal payment system or via Bank transfer*.

It's simple and fast:  I will provide you with all necessary details.

​*Transfer charges are not included

How much in advance should I book?

For the April-September period the best is to contact me at least 6 weeks in advance.

For the rest of the year 2 weeks is usually enough.

What's the best hour for the photoshoot?

Sunrise & sunsets photo sessions are the best when the weather is sunny,

however the light should match the location: for example, Eiffel Tower looks much better in the morning light.

With clouds every hour is good with any location cause we have a very soft light. 

And if it rains?

Usually a gloomy day is not a problem cause there are plenty of covered locations.

If it showers or you would like to have sunny photos,

we can change the date depending on yours/my availability.

Could you help me finding a Make-Up artist and a hairstylist? 

Sure, there are several MUAHs with whom I usually work. 

Let me know what you need and I'll give you the contact of an artist that suits you most.

When do I need to pay the rest of the price?

The rest of the payment you do the day of the photoshoot: via PayPal, Bank Transfer* on in cash just after the photo session.

​*Transfer charges are not included.


It's my first time posing... 

No worries: during the photoshoot we don't need to do high-fashion posing.

As you noticed, my approach is to let people be as natural as they are, adding some beautiful backgrounds and the play of light.

I can promise that you'll feel relaxed in front of my camera :)

Can I bring props? Balloons, flowers, champagne, cakes etc.

Yes, any kind of additional stuff is welcome! Even Vespa scooter if you want. 
Note: all props should be prepared one day in advance cause shops are usually opened after 10AM only*.

* Sunday is a public holiday, so if you run your photo session on Monday, props should be prepared on Saturday.

What else can I bring along with me during the photo session?

I always suggest to have only essentials that can fit in a small bag: phones, wallets, cosmetics.

This I can put in my back-pack and take care of it during the whole photo session.

You can have a bag with outfit/shoes, changing or props that shouldn't have anything valuable inside.

How do we get around?

Most of the locations are situated nearby, so we usually walk.

If you have not very comfortable high-heels, it's better to have a pair of flat shoes.
​If the locations are remote, we can take metro or taxi depending on the traffic*. 

*Transport fees are not included in tarifs

How many outfits can I have? Where can I change it?

One hour = one outfit :)

Along our route there are paid public restrooms that are very clean.

Restaurants work as well if we take a coffee/water/wine/whatever. 

In case of urgency we can always change in the street, but I usually don't recommend it cause it attracts attention

and the clothes might be dirtied. 

Can we make a break during the photoshoot?

Sure, if your break is no longer than 15min for every hour :) 


When and how do I receive the edited photos? 

Photos are ready within 1 working week.
You will receive a link containing a code to your online private gallery that is available for 10 days.

You can download the photos in two variants:

high-resolution for printing and web-format for social nets.

What's the size of the images?

High-resolution images are 3300px the longest side, 300dpi, _IMG format (enough for A3 printing).

​For bigger prints you'll have to change the resolution from 300dpi to a smaller one*.

Please check with your printing company.

Could you please send me the RAW files?

No, I don't send raw files.

What does your post-production include?

Shadows and lights correction, adjusting colour, framing, removing spots where possible.

Every image is edited individually cause the light varies and I need to keep the same style for the whole session. 

However, I'm extra attentive to every detail during the photo session, so Photoshop retouching is not required.

However, could you please apply some Photoshop? 

Every additional retouching as the following:

correcting the skin, body shape, deleting people on the background etc.
costs 5€ per photo. 
In you private gallery you can make a selection of items that need extra retouching.
Once the payment is received, retouched photos will be sent within 1 working week.