Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier



My approach is simple:

If I can imagine a photo placed in the frame and put on the wall, then it's a good photo. 



Salut tout le monde!

I'm a fashion and portrait photographer currently working in Paris; originally from St. 
Petersburg, Russia.

My photographic experience started in 2010 as a photojournalist and turned to fashion and advertising later. However, portrait photography stays my favourite direction cause it's a great opportunity to reveal a new personality and thus understand yourself better.

In order to learn more, I integrated several educational institutions: 


The State High School of Journalism (St. Petersburg), 

Spéos Photographic Institute (Paris),

Sorbonne Paris I, History of Art.


That helped me to find my personal photographic style that I can describe as taking classic realistic photos with a small touch of creativity.


I would be very pleased to share my experience with you.

Languages: English, French and Russian.