Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier

When every photo becomes a gemstone framed by Paris...


Discover the picturesque area around

the most famous monument of Paris: the Eiffel Tower.

From the Bir-Hakeim bridge to the Trocadero square, there are over 20 beautiful locations with the magic view on this steel lady 

that makes every photo a masterpiece.

Depending on the day time and weather conditions,

the Eiffel Tower changes it's face... If you are lucky enough to be on the right side of it and in the right hour, you get the best photos 

you've ever dreamed of.

Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier
Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier


Where the history starts...
The Louvre museum stays the second most visited place in Paris: with it's two huge yards, several galleries,

geometrical fountains and the fabulous Glass Pyramid.

Thanks to the architectural composition,

it looks gorgeous from every angle and at any time.

Especially without people all around, if you have a chance to visit it early in the morning. 



The romance of the Parisian yards.

Hard to imagine, but these cosy stairs are just 5 min walking

from the crowded area of the Trocadero square. 

If you want to hide from the others,

Paris proposes you a various choice of remarkable locations that can

guarantee you a certain level of privacy. 

The only thing you need to find them and do not get lost in the city

is a good guide.

Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier
Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier

La Seine, La Seine, La Seine...


Did you know that the banks of the Seine 

in the city centre are all for pedestrians and bicycles?

Just imagine yourself walking down the river and no cars around...

you even don't hear them.

That's why in the warm time it becomes a very popular picnic place among both the locals and the visitors so you can hardly find a place to drop your basket with baguettes and vine. 



One more historical heritage that is often wrongly forgotten:

The Royal Palace.

It's situated just opposite the Louvre and the entrance is a little bit not as obvious, so most of the time people just skip it and loose an opportunity to enjoy it's playground with striped columns and beautiful gardens with all kinds of roses. By the way, this Palace becomes very popular during the Paris Fashion Week but unfortunately certain spots are closed. 

Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier
Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier



A Parisian Café with it's unique ambiance of La vie en rose... 

Warm atmosphere, round antique tables,

vintage decorations and for sure famous small cups

of a strong coffee or glasses with red wine.

While doing your photography trip, it's always a good idea

to stop for a while, take a sit, relax and enjoy this feeling of being so close to the Parisian culture. 




Are you staying in a nice apartments.

gorgeous hotel or just love the ambiance around your place?

Why not to add these memories to your photo album!

It could be a nice experience to run an interior photo session, especially when it's a little bit gloomy outdoors. 

Paris Photographer Sasha Lannier